On Wednesday,16th October we accompanied the boys to the Guildhall in the City to help showcase a lot in the Silent Auction in aid of the Chickenshed Theatre. The lot was organised by Dilly Kitchlew-Williamson who we met on our arrival at Guildhall. Dilly was taking the boys on the stage for this and after getting aquainted with the boys and moving them round a banqueting room rehearsed on the stage. The boys took everything in their stride. After the gasps of surprise on their entry in the room a couple of hours later they were applauded but didn’t bat an eyelid.  Pictures from the night can be found at:


Many thanks to Mungo and Maud for supplying the  collar and lead sets


We have done so much with the dogs that it has been suggested we do a blog for them. It will be written by me, as me, rather than as them because I am sure it will be clearer that way. The dogs are Bellamy who was born on 19th April, 2008 and Baruch aka Puppy who was born 15th September, 2009. They are blue Great Danes and father and son. Bellamy is smaller than his son which often causes a lot of comment.