Bellamy and Baruch (Poem)


Bellamy and Baruch, father and son
Two Danes together as one
So much alike yet it may sound trite
As different as day is to night

Now Bellamy so gentle, so calm, so serene
To please us is his mission so keen
Our patient Great Dane would never fail
To react with a wag of his whip-like tail

Baruch is more boisterous and strong of will
Being the centre of attention is his skill
First in the queue by a push and a shove
But gentle enough to show us his love.

Running together in field or park
Poetry in motion but seldom a bark
A fine team of dogs to explore what’s new
The smells, the upright posts, they know what to do.

Admired by all “that’s quite a sight”
“Is it a horse and do they bite?”
“Stunning and superb” are comments oft said
“What a sight and what a head”

“Can I take a picture of your dogs so fine?”
I feel so proud that they are mine
It is a wonderful to see as they run full stretch
Whether chasing each other or a ball to fetch

The love between them knows no bounds
Yet jealousy arises with growling sounds
At feeding time one gets too near a meal
A warning is sounded but no big deal

We love them so much, a privilege to behold
Fascinating to watch, more precious than gold
May they have a long life with troubles so few
To be able to love them our Great Danes Blue

Father and son, boy and dad
To have Bellamy and Baruch we are so glad
A blessing from heaven not one but two
Thank you both, being friends so true





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