There is no way one can know everything about dogs it’s a subject that you can never stop learning about. Over the years I have realised the importance of early socialisation and have tried to introduce puppies to new experiences from day 1.

The day we collected Baruch from the breeder we met a friend on the way home and then proceeded to carry him around Pets at Home allowing people to fuss him.

The next day saw him at the vets for his first injection. At that stage he was reasonably easy to carry.

I started carrying him to the station to meet my husband everyday whilst walking Bellamy. The time soon came where like previous Danes he became too heavy to carry and so the next stage was to place him in a rucksack. Unlike my other Danes the time between the two injections was long enough for Baruch to outgrow the rucksack. I didn’t want to miss out on vitally important early socialisation and so made a nest for Baruch in a shopping trolley and used that.

Both Bellamy and Baruch came from breeders who besides breeding for health also bred for temperament. They gave me the blank canvas and I filled it. Before walking on lead in in the street if taken out pups hear and get used to the noises, they also adjust to different weather and temperatures as well as lots of different people. This has stood my two in good stead, they are almost bomb proof but I don’t think they will ever be comfortable with rain!

The picture is of Baruch in the shopping trolley.



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